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Early detection and decision support for critical situations in production environments: Development of assistance systems to support plant operators in critical situations.

A high automation degree of processing plants allows economical operations even in countries with high labor costs such as Germany. However, it reduces the experience of the operators regarding the process dynamics and can lead to information overload in critical situations (due to "alarm flood"). When control is lost human lifes and environment are endangered. This can cause serious damage to assets and costly production downtime.

The goal of the BMBF research project FEE is therefore to detect critical situations in the plant at an early stage, and to develop assistance functions that support plant operators in decision making during critical situations.

For this purpose appropriate real-time big data methods will be developed that will utilize the available heterogenous mass data from the plants. Early warnings will be provided to the operator in order to enable proactive instead of reactive actions. Furthermore, assistance functions will be developed that support the operators in deciding on their intervention strategy.